About Us


Clinical Research Institute S.C., a private company dedicated to conduct the clinical research protocols in benefit of the mexican population using standard procedures, high quality professional ethic, providing real information to the pharmaceutical industry for the development and improves of drugs, food and medical devices. 


Consolidate as a leader company in clinical research in Mexico, becoming in a world reference for the pharmaceutical industry.


HONESTY : Preserve the truth between the staff, patients and sponsors.


RESPECT : Follow the established guidelines, protecting the patients integrity inside and outside the Institute.


RESPONSABILITY : Perform everything established ei time.


QUALITY SERVICE : High quality professional ethic.


RELIABILITY : Congruence between knowledge, being and doing.



  • ISO-9001-2008 (In process)

  • GCP´S

  • IATA

  • Experience in CRF´S 

  • MAPA

  • 24 hours glucose guardians

  • Infusion

  • PK



The staff has 8 years of experience in clinical research:

  • Phase Ib, II, III y IV

  • Drug Kinetics

  • Drug Genetics

  • Vaccines

  • Food Probiotics